This blog is the journal of Paolo Amoroso, yours truly.

About the blog

The blog publishes notes, projects, works-in-progress, readings, resources, experiences, and ideas about my interests: mainly astronomy and space, Google products and technologies, and Python. But also software development and computing, retrocomputing, books, digital and self-publishing, and blogging.

It's more a sort of lab journal than a personal diary.

No politics, no negativity. Just passion for my geeky interests.


Hobby programming and computing projects I frequently post about:


Topics I regularly blog about:


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About Paolo Amoroso

I live in Milan, Italy, where I work in astronomy and space outreach and education.

I've always been interested in the universe and space exploration, and widened my interests to science, technology, computing, and Google — I'm a member of the Google Product Experts program. As a hobby programmer I focus on Python.