Welcome to Paolo Amoroso's Journal

I'm Paolo Amoroso and I welcome you to my new blog, Paolo Amoroso's Journal.

I actually already have a personal blog, Moonshots Beyond the Cloud, where I write about my interests. The new blog, the one you're reading now, is more of a journal, a less structured collection of notes.

What am I going to blog about?

What are my interests, anyway?

I'll write mainly about astronomy and space, Google products and technologies, and Python. But I'm also interested in, and will blog about, software development and computing, retrocomputing, books, digital and self-publishing, blogging, content creation and monetization.

I'll share my projects, works-in-progress, readings, resources, experiences, and ideas on these topics.

Here you won't find any stock photos, clickbait, ads, SEO, or marketese. I'll write for adults with a long attention span who can decide whether they want to read my content.

Why this blog?

Although I already have a blog, it's hosted on an outdated and inflexible platform: Blogger.

I wanted an additional space for more frequent and possibly shorter notes on the same topics of the main blog, hosted on a platform that reduces friction and encourages writing. A space where I could publish thoughts I'd otherwise consider posting as Twitter threads.

I wanted a modern, lightweight blogging or microblogging platform with Makdown support, friendly to technical writing, with a clean design, and an uncluttered reading experience.

I also realized that by writing with a bit less polish, with no obligation to add a cover image to every post, and possibly even without a post title if not needed, I could shave off some more friction from the blogging process and decrease the time from idea to publication. I hoped valuable content would make up for less polish.

After considerable research, I ended up hosting this blog on the Write.as distraction-free blogging platform.

Who is Paolo Amoroso?

I live in Milan, Italy, where I work in astronomy and space outreach and education. Or that's what I did until the pandemic, we'll see.

I've always been interested in the universe and space exploration, and widened my interests to science, technology, computing, and Google — I'm a member of the Google Product Experts program. As a hobby programmer I focus on Python.

Yes, I'm a geek.

Sounds good?

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