Updating the Suite8080 documentation build process

It all started when I added a new Intel 8080 Assembly demo to Suite8080. Pushing the commit to the GitHub repo triggered a rebuild of the project documentation hosted on Read The Docs, which failed.

I maintain the Suite8080 documentation with Jupyter Book and publish it to Read The Docs with Sphinx as the backend.

Over the previous months, while my work on Suite8080 was on hold, some backward incompatible Jupyter Book update broke the Suite8080 documentation configuration. I had no idea what to do, so I opened a Read The Docs issue. After some troubleshooting with the help of Manuel Kaufmann, Benjamin Balder Bach contributed a Suite8080 pull request that fixed the issue.

Benjamin's patch has an additional advantage. I no longer have to manually edit conf.py to let sphinx.ext.autodoc discover the project's Python packages.

#Suite8080 #Python

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