Preparing to resume work on Suite8080

What I anticipated and planned for is happening.

After the great momentum of the initial work on Suite8080, I set it aside for a couple of months. Now I'm about to resume work on the project and wonder how hard it'll be to dive back into the Python code and continue development.

I tried to prepare for this by documenting the system and commenting the code. I also took many notes on to-do items, features I'd like to add, and ways to implement them. At a few thousand lines, the code base is small and I hope it won't be too difficult to understand and change.

Still, I'm a Python beginner and my code is tightly coupled, fragile, not modular, and hard to extend.

Suite8080 is a suite of Intel 8080 Assembly cross-development tools I'm writing in Python.

#Python #Suite8080

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