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Today I attended the funeral service of my beloved mother who passed away peacefully two days ago.

I'm signing off a nearly continuous shift as a full time caregiver started almost 13 years ago. Over this long time I took care first of my father, then a sister of my mother, and finally my mother. The years of the pandemic were the most demanding and exhausting, constantly pushing me to the edge of burnout and forcing me to take some time off.

I assisted my dear family members until their very end to the best of my capabilities. Now I'm ready and eager to start a new life.


Discuss... Email | Reply is such a low-friction blogging platform it enables me to blog daily. I love sharing my tech projects and experiences, and I can squeeze some writing into pretty much any time snippet.

But life threw at me something I struggle to handle.

The health of my old mom got worse quickly and she became no longer self-sufficient, requiring me to care for her continuously and full time. I love mom so much I even resumed using WhatsApp, I can do all it takes. But the current situation is demanding and exhausting, keeping me at the edge of burnout.

It's not so much I have little time to write. It's I don't have time to work on the projects and stuff I blog about.

I'm posting much less, but I still update this blog. I need it.

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