Putting Twitter aside and focusing on blogging

I'm going to use Twitter less and focus on my journal and blog.

After over a dozen years on Twitter, I hit a growth ceiling: my follower count is flat and I'm invisible. Despite the occasional viral tweet, I get less than a hundred impressions and nearly no engagement per tweet.

I tried posting text, threads, media, links, replies, mentions, quote-tweets, lists, the works. Nothing makes a difference, no matter how good my content is.

The algorithms just don't like me and bury my tweets. Fair enough.

On platforms with a level playing field, such as RSS aggregators, I get an order of magnitude more visibility and engagement. After less than a month, my journal gets roughly the same views as after over a dozen years on Twitter.

I'll continue using Twitter as a source of content and discussion. But tweeting is a waste of time as nobody sees my content.

Instead, I'm doubling down on my existing blog and my new journal, where I post about the same interests I cover on Twitter.

I left the links to my journal and blog in my Twitter profile. I'd share them there, but social platforms did an effective job conditioning users not to escape their walled gardens and explore the open web, so Twitter would bury my link tweets.


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