Suite8080 0.5.0 and the next steps

I released version 0.5.0 of Suite8080, a suite of Intel 8080 Assembly cross-development tools I'm writing in Python. Although still in an early stage, this version makes Suite8080 gain enough functionality to be useful in a variety of Assembly applications.

In my next steps I'm going to focus on two areas of improvement.

First, I'll write more 8080 programs to process with the Suite8080 assembler and run on emulated CP/M systems or actual hardware. After all, this is the fun part I began the project for.

The Suite8080 Python sources are still a tangled mess of tightly-coupled, unencapsulated, beginner code with global state that makes it difficult to add new features or change existing ones. Therefore, the other area of improvement I'll work on is a major redesign. This should make the code easier to work with and extend.

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