I migrated my Mastodon account to Fosstodon

Mastodon.technology, the Mastodon instance that hosted my account, will be shut down. The admin Ash Furrow took this decision for serious personal reasons.

As a Google+ survivor and a fediverse newbie with barely 7 months on Mastodon, the announcement startled me. I set out to find a good new home and now I'm on Fosstodon as @amoroso@fosstodon.org This instance is open to anyone interested in technology, with a focus on free and open-source software.

Fosstodon is culturally close to Mastodon.technology. Both have similar topics and values, and comparable user base sizes. Instead of a single maintainer like Mastodon.technology, a team of admins and moderators and more resources give Fosstodon some redundancy and assurance of longevity.

The Mastodon documentation explains the simple procedure for moving an account.

Creating an account on the new instance, transferring the data, and filling the profile was mostly seamless and took less than half an hour. Mastodon transferred my followers automatically, I only had to upload to Fosstodon the list of followed users downloaded from Mastodon.technology.

Although the process took care of my social graph, moving toots and media isn't supported and I could only download my old toots. Bummer, I hope the developers implement full content transfer soon.


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