Adding a command menu to Stringscope

I'm enhancing Stringscope with a permanent command menu and a prompt area. The menu, an item of which holds a submenu, attaches to the right side of the main window, the prompt area to the top of the main window above the title bar. This is what the main window looks like now:

Window of the Interlisp program Stringscope with an early version of the command menu.

This way of arranging menus and secondary windows by attaching them to a main window is typical of Interlisp programs with a GUI. The system supports this design with functions like the ones I used, CREATEMENUEDWINDOW to create and attach a menu and GETPROMPTWINDOW for doing the same with a prompt window.

The menu comprises these initial items and subitems:

The prompt window is an area for displaying status messages and receiving user input such as the name of a new file to read.

So far the Stringscope code sets up the menu and the prompt window. The menu handling function, however, is just a stub that prints to the main prompt window the selected menu item.

The next step will be to implement the commands the menu calls.

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