activity during Elon's Twitter bid

I joined the Mastodon instance on March 23, 2022. It turned out to be an interesting time as, a few weeks later, Elon Musk tried to acquire Twitter and stirred the debate on alternate social platforms.

Back then the About page of the instance listed, under server stats, about 22K users and 2.2K active monthly users. In the weeks after Elon's bid, the user base of the instance started growing, several introduction toots by new users showed up in the local timeline, and monthly active users peaked at 2.3K.

As I write this there are 23.5K users and 1.66K active monthly users. In the local timeline I haven't seen new user toots for a while.

Although the decreased activity hints at a waning interest in the instance or Mastodon, this can just be a seasonal effect over the summer. Even if the decrease is real, interest in Mastodon seems to come in waves.

We'll see in the fall.


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